Stinging beast

I have a confession to make-I am terrified of stinging bugs.  When I was a little kid I was afraid to catch lightning bugs unless they were glowing because they looked too much like wasps to me, and I was afraid I’d catch a wasp by mistake. 

This is the view from my shared office window on campus.  Pretty fancy-I get one office for me and one for the rest of the teaching team.  I shut this creature in between the glass and the screen.  I felt a little cruel, but more relieved that it couldn’t get out and sting me with its fangs.  I’m sure it had fangs.  Even if the other teachers said it was harmless, I KNOW I saw fangs AND a huge stinger.

One thought on “Stinging beast

  • Hi Nora, I’m not a fan of stinging things either. But you know what I hate even worse…spiders. Stu killed one the other day that was as big as a half dollar! I’m not kidding. We have wood siding on our house and get these uuuugly wood spiders. Yuck. Are your spiders bad, too?

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