Name that fruit!

PileThis morning I had my first experience with this food.  It was really good!  A friend that lives about 45 miles from me has a tree growing in her yard, and she gave me a taste.  I saved the seeds and I’ll try to grow them at my house-this was really good eating! I love saving the seeds from what I eat and trying to make them grow.  An avocado pit has grown into a seedling, we’ll see if I can keep it alive and get it to bear fruit.  I also transplanted a couple of little mango seedlings a few weeks ago, they had sprouted in my compost pit. 

So, guess what this is!  I won’t send a sample to the first person to Fruitanswer, they get overripe really fast.

8 thoughts on “Name that fruit!

  • Right! It is indeed atemoya, also called a custard apple, among other things. It was really sweet and good. How did you find it on Google images-there are a lot of images on there…

  • I tried a lot of different things…african fruit, east african fruit, etc. Finally, I found it under african fruit trees. It wasn’t easy! I love Google, but it likes to try to send you to things that only match one or two words.
    It sounds like the whole fruit market in africa is pretty new. With all of the malnutrition, one would think that option would have been explored a long time ago. Do you find that true in Benin, or is fruit pretty common?

  • Oh, my gosh – I just saw this fruit -atemoya – on and had never heard of it until I read your post. How educational this is for me in my white-bread suburban life!

  • Sorry you had to go 45 miles to have your first taste of custard apple – if only we’d realised you’d never partaken of this pleasure! And here we are, with two trees in our garden, just a 10 minute walk from you

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