Andrea DoriaAbout a week after Mom died last August, we got this picture in the mail.  It's Mom and two of her friends on the Andrea Doria.  Not the trip where it sank.  Mom's on the left. 

A story I heard on NPR really resonated, especially this part:

"With the death, I'd become accustomed to seeing pieces of my father being taken away. But now, with a doorknob and a hand on my dad's shoulder, I had what I never thought I'd have again: a new piece of my father being given to me. …

Those pieces are precious. Especially when you don't see them coming."

You can click the gray bar to hear the whole story.

A Bolt Out Of The Blue:  Mourning A Man And A Myth   

In completely unrelated news, can someone tell me if the rules have changed for capitalizing letters in a title?  I copied the above caps straight from the NPR website.

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