Me, speak?

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So, I'm reading BooMama's blog and I find out about this conference, She Speaks

Do you hunger for the Word of God and long to teach it with authority and excellence?
Is your heart burdened for hurting women?
Is God calling you to a teaching/speaking ministry?
Have you been teaching for years but need a time of renewal and replenishment?

When I read that, I thought, that's me!  Especially the bit about renewal and replenishment.  So I read a little further and found out that I could sign up for a "speaker evaluation group."  And I thought, no way.  My speaking is just fine, even pretty good   My whole job here is helping people tell God's story!  I certainly don't need any evaluation to rattle me.  Maybe I'll just try to go as a blogger.  Yeah, that's it.  A blogger.  That's me, the storytelling blogger!

But the thought of those evaluation sessions stuck in my head.  So did the thought that I might be just a tad proud of my yakking, but I might just have some room to grow.  Which I do, of course.

So, even if I don't get to this conference while I'm home from mmm-BELLY-may Land this summer, I think I'll be paying attention to how I can be a better storyteller.

Want to go to the conference?  There's a contest going on for a scholarship, click here for the details.   Hurry, the deadline is March 27th.

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