Dog blog?

Certain bloggers are always making fun of "chick blogs" that have flowers and cats and pretty stuff on them.  Not wanting to be accused of this, I decided to get another enormous dog and put a picture of him on my blog.

Well, not really, but Charger the Rhodesian Ridgeback needed a home, and Buddy the German Shepherd Dog needed a friend.  So, meet my new dog Charger.  It was really hard to get a picture of him and Buddy together standing still, they just want to play all the time.

I didn't think to get a good picture of Charger's crazy hairdo, the ridgeback his breed is named for.  Coming soon.
Charger's a little mangy right now, but we've got a great vet here who's taking care of that.  I guess mange isn't fatal anymore-all I knew about it was from reading James Herriott books, but I guess those were written before antibiotics and other wonderful modern drugs.

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