Bobbing for apples?

Apples Why are these apples floating in water? 

Why, to bleach them, of course, so that I can eat them without peeling or cooking them. 

I'm always a little nervous about this bleaching thing, though.  Have I bleached them long enough?  What about the side that's not in the bleach?  Putting a plate on top of them to make them sink, is that enough?  Have I rinsed the bleach off well enough to eat?

I tell you, eating here is a bit more complicated than going to Panera.

3 thoughts on “Bobbing for apples?

  • Those are the exact questions I ask myself as well! I’m always wondering if the amount of bleach I’ve put in is really sufficient, add a touch more, and then wonder if that’s too much. I like the idea of putting a plate on top of the apples – I’ve been spinning mine occasionally and hoping it would suffice, so the plate seems like a much more reliable plan!

  • The amount of bleach you are going to eat off the skin of your rinsed off apples is not to be worried about. You would ingest more bleach living in the US in a city that chlorinates their water and going swimming twice a week in a public pool. Open up wide and bite!
    The plate works well. The plate with a can of something on top of it works well, too.

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