Rocking away

Saturday night I went to a great concert.  Lots of loud music with deep lyrics.  Loved it. 

What cracked me up, though, was my reactions to the stuff the musicians did on stage.  One guy liked to climb on things-drum kits, speakers, sound thingys.  The first time he did it, I was like, that can't be good for that drum!  I'll bet the drummer is not happy.  Why doesn't he hit him with one of those sticks? 

Did I mention that I was there after a full day and three hours of sleep the night before?

But I really did feel like an old fogie.  Every time the guy swung his guitar I just cringed because I was afraid he was going to smash it against something.  Every time the guy swung his guitar and didn't smash it, the people in front of me were loudly disappointed that it was still in one piece. 

I'm glad they still let old farts like me in to hear good music.  : )

4 thoughts on “Rocking away

  • Hey Nora if your an old foggie what am I?
    Guess that makes me one too…
    I would guess the only reason you cringed is because you are thinking “what a waste of a perfectly good guitar” ” I know (X) number of people in Africa who would love to just have a guitar.” Or posibibly do you know how many meals that guitar would buy, or books, or whatever in Africa, of how long the price of that guitar would support me on the field. These are just the thoughts that go thru my febble mind when I think about it, but then again I am cheep and have been living on a shoestring way too long.
    have a great evening.

  • Hey Dennis! Um, I went to the typepad help thing and clicked around until I found something to make it link to facebook. Yeah, great help, I know. But, every time I post a little window pops up that says that I’m posting a link to facebook. There’s also a way to automatically make posts be facebook notes, but I haven’t played with that yet. That may be a better way, because that way I think that some or all of the post shows up on facebook and not just a link.
    Have fun…

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