Better than chocolate frosted sugar bombs

Sugar bombs
This is why I storycraft in mmm-BELLY-may the way I do.  And why learning to tell God's story with all the pieces in context has helped me get it, finally.

OUR STORY: A Narrative in Three-Part Harmony

Without context, a narrative falls apart… When context cannot be found, a story becomes a collection of separate and disjointed events that seem to have nothing to do with each other. Understanding the context of any story is like reading a compass while on a journey: each event within the narrative points to something, or depending on the story, to someone.

I have never consistently enjoyed reading the Bible. Not like how I have consistently enjoyed sugar cereal or laughing with friends or singing along to a great song while driving in my car on a sunny summer day. Or best of all: laughing with friends while driving in my car as we sing great songs on a sunny summer day…after eating sugar cereal.

One of the problems I’ve had with reading the Bible is that I’ve viewed the Bible as a collection of fragmented stories. The stories in the Bible felt like the eighty-eight keys of a piano that just sat there in black and white. I realized these stories probably all had lessons to be learned, but I hadn’t a clue about how they co-related to each other.  Read the rest of Aaron Pluim's article.

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