I’d like to teach the world to sing

I’ve been tagged by Lingamish with Eddie Arthur’s impossible dream meme.  (Wordy post about memes and meme etiquette here.)

So, here are my dreams, serious and less so.  It’s kind of a stream of consciousness list that I left in the order that I first jotted them down. 

Libraries in every town in Benin, fully stocked with books in French and the local language.  Mobile libraries that visit all the villages.

Every kid in Benin in school with all the books, supplies, vaccinations, and food they need.

  Everyone in Benin with enough to eat and enough leisure time to read.

Moringa  an everyday part of all Beninese meals.

God’s story told, retold, discussed, and lived out under trees, on the
radio, in homes, everywhere and in every language in Benin.

Whole Bibles in all the languages in Benin.

Being a part of lots of people’s stories of how they became friends of God, and how they made other people his friends too.

Everyone in my church family out of their seat and into God’s story. (Catchy phrase from Granger)

Standing between Missie and Dan, singing our hearts out to God forever.

Now for the deep part:
My dream job-musical theatre on Broadway.  Since we’re dreaming, I’ll
get to be the romantic lead that sings the pretty songs, not that other
girl that sings the funny songs like I was in high school. Not  Ado
Annie again, for instance.

Ok, now to tag a few more.  Hmmm.  I tag Dennis, Matt and Sarah, Kelly, and Phil.    

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