St. Patrick

Last week I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with visitors.  We had potatoes, cabbage, and, um Spam.  No corned beef to be had. 

Little did I know that a real life Saint Patrick was busy around that time too.  I’m talking about my parents’ landlord, whose name is in fact Patrick and who is indeed Irish.  My parents have been living in the bottom floor of a two flat that he owns for about 8 years now.  Pat has been so great as their needs have changed.  Did he complain about the bars that needed to be installed in the bathroom?  Nope!  He installed them himself, and wanted to pay for them!  He comes out every morning early when there’s snow and shovels the sidewalk for them, his wife bakes cookies for my parents at Christmas…and to top it off, he was the one to help my brother in law move my mother and her furniture into her new place in assisted living.  Wow.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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