Recording Studio

StudioHow do you like my recording studio?  A lot of the people on my storycrafting team work or are in school during the day, so we’ve been crafting and recording at night.  It’s cooler then, which is great.  But, the electricity comes on at 6 pm, so all the bars start blasting their music at that time too.  So, we started recording in my truck.  Lots of foam, no echo, a sound engineer’s dream.

One thought on “Recording Studio

  • Hi Nora! I heard a cool broadcast on WMBI today on my way home from work. They were talking about Transworld Radio’s efforts to spread the Gospel and the new 100K watt AM tower recently completed in…BENIN!! Have you heard the signal yet? The discussion told of the mostly illiterate population and the storycrafting done to share the Bible and the training of natives to do this. Pray all is well and thanks for your daily sacrifice. Alan Perkinson, CORR

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