I am woman see me plumb


I feel very accomplished today. My bathroom sink has been slow draining for
months. I bought some stuff at the store
(please don’t anyone tell me how bad it was to dump hydrochloric acid down my
pipes) that took care of it for a few days, but it slowed up again really

So, this morning, with my friend Rachel there for moral
support, I plumbed. I unscrewed
something –a trap, maybe?- while Rachel held a bucket under it. A little water came out, but not much. I gingerly reached around above it, but
encountered no frightening clods of crud. So then, I used the classic plumber’s tool. I poked a cuticle stick down through the
holes in the drain. A little crud and
the backed up water poured into the bucket, and the drain has been draining
beautifully ever since.

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