Unique Boutique

NecklacesA while back a friend emailed me for info about my favorite store, the Unique Boutique, as the Unique Thrift Store on Jefferson is referred to in my family.  I shared the precious information that Monday is half price day.

I love shopping there on half price days.  No need to look at price tags-there is nothing there that is too expensive!  Where else can you get a whole wardrobe for $25?  And, the challenge of digging through and finding treasures-too fun. 

There’s no Unique Boutique here, but we do have markets.  And, I have discovered something that I can poke through to my heart’s content without overspending-these nifty beaded necklaces (that also make nice bracelets.)  The most expensive ones are 20 cents, so I can shop until I drop.  For once in my life I’m accessorized…

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