A la maison

Alm_2I’m getting ready to help teach a new team some language learning techniques.  One of the things I’m going to share with them is a book called A la maison.  It’s meant for children learning French, with pictures and their names next to them.  I blanked out the French and am using it for mmm-BELLY-may.  I use it the same way that I used the coal and other stuff when I was starting out, pointing to things as my language helper says them.  This book is great, since it has scenes from around here, and therefore stuff that has names in mmm-BELLY-may.  There are supposed to be 5 in the series, but I’ve only found 2.  They’re  published by the Paulines, a congregation that serves through educating kids, if you’re interested in googling around and trying to find them-maybe you’ll have more luck than I did!

Looking at this particular picture brought back fond (?) memories of trying to pronounce soap correctly.  Unfortunately, the word for soap sounds almost exactly like the word for ‘pate (kind of rhymes with ‘not’) the cornmeal stuff that I eat every day with my goat .  Good thing people use context to understand what I’m talking about…

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