Look Ma, no dents!

Mirror_2The truck I got was a stock model, so I could get it sooner.  It came with some stuff that I wouldn’t have chosen
, like how it’s turbocharged.  It gives it a lot of power, but that turbocharger is a kind of delicate piece of equipment, very sensitive to low oil and sand and dust.  I live in the north, just under the Sahel.  We’ve got dust and sand, and plenty of it.  Oh well.

It also has some features that make me laugh, like the 120 kilometer per hour alarm.  That’s 74.5645 miles an hour.  Normally I wouldn’t go that fast, but I just had to set off that alarm.  It wasn’t very exciting, just a little flashing light and a beep that I couldn’t even hear because of the noise of my tarp banging in the back. 

One of my favorite features is the three cup holders and four bottle holders.  Very nice.  Gives me something to do with the empties on a long road trip-gotta stay hydrated, you know!

But today’s favorite feature is how the side mirrors flip in without breaking if you happen to drive too close to something.  That’s all I have to say about that…

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