Img_0693_smlThe place that I stayed Friday and Saturday had ostriches in the back-I didn’t know that until I saw them walking around.  Pretty cool.  They’re just huge!

My first ostrich encounter was at Fossil Rim, a wildlife park in Texas that you drive through to see the animals.  They’re not in cages, just running around in a nice natural setting.  Fossil RIm actually looks and feels a lot like where I live here., minus all the animals, they’ve mostly been hunted out for food, although I still see the occasional monkey.

Anyway, we drive into the park, and get these cups of animal food with the entrance fee.  Food which you’re supposed to throw far away from the car so that the animals don’t get too close.  So, we’re driving slowly through, with the windows open, looking at the ostriches and the emus.  I’m in the front passenger seat, with my cup o’ ostrich treats in my lap, when all of a sudden an ostrich sticks its head in the driver’s window, across the car, and starts grabbing the food out of my cup with its big scary beak.  Much screaming and cracking up ensued.  Who knew that ostriches were so aggressive? 

One thought on “Ostriches!

  • I don’t remember the birds being so aggressive at Fossil Rim, but I did have a giraffe stick it’s head in through the sunroof. I’m guessing you did not have to pay an admission fee this time!

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