Three men playing drums in the back of my truck

Img_0707_smlSo, to try to save money, I had this covered wagon thing for my truck made by a friend’s welder instead of buying it at the Toyota dealership.  It was a lot cheaper.  Unfortunately, it is also lacking a good system to attach the tarp to the metal frame securely.  So, when I put my new-to-me fridge  in the back of the truck to haul it up to my house, the tarp vibrated against the fridge and everything else it could find. 

It sounded like three guys drumming in the back of the truck.  Loudly.  For two whole days of driving.  And me with my hands full steering so I couldn’t even work on clapping, singing and swaying  at the same time!  After the first day on the road I bought a bunch of plastic cord to see if tying the tarp down more would solve the problem.  I think it just added another instrument to my rhythm section, and looked ridiculous.  Good thing I had my nice loud Relient K to listen to-it just about made the trip bearable.

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