Relient K

21cnw8xzbql_aa115_This is one of the things that makes driving up and down the country over just lovely roads bearable.  Children of the 80s-do you know about Relient K?  You just have to love a group that has a song called "Sadie Hawkin’s Dance" and includes the line "at the Sadie Hawkin’s dance, in my khaki pants, there’s nothing better…do you like my sweater?"   You’ll be hearing more of my favorite lines from them, it’s great stuff, some of it slightly deeper than songs about high school, grin.

One thought on “Relient K

  • Hi Nora!
    I love that song – – there’s just something so endearing about that kid. telling the quarterback that a beating is one thing he won’t be needing 🙂
    cracks me up

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