Bean beignets, bananas, and baa baa baa!

BeignetsThe other day I was leaving town and didn’t have time to eat lunch.  The public transportation doesn’t run on a schedule here, vehicles leave when they’re full.  And when they are, I’d better be ready to go!

So, off I went, kind of hungry, but glad to have found a way to get to town, about 20 miles away.  We stopped on the way out to pick up the other passengers.  While they were loading, I noticed a woman taking little bean flour donut holes out of the oil they were frying in.  Joy!  Excitement!  Great luck! 

You see, once bean beignets have  been out of the oil and waiting to be sold for a while, they’re a little bit risky to eat-a fly could have walked on them, for example.  But, if you can catch them straight out of the boiling oil and you have your own clean container to put them in, they’re totally safe and pretty tasty.  I even had a brand new baggie in my purse!

Then, the safest kind of street food walked past carried on a woman’s head-bananas!  The fruit is all nicely wrapped up in the peel, packaged by God for those living in the two-thirds world, and completely safe to eat.  We don’t often get them up where I live, it’s too far north and too dry for them to grow.  Bananas are a real treat.

So, while the other passengers (which happened to be 16 sheep) were being loaded, I got my travel food and then off we went.  It was a really good day-almost as convenient as driving through McDonald’s.

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