Thumbnail I just love it when we singles take care of each other.  There's just something so right about it.  A few nights ago I got together with some friends that used to be part of a group called the, um, Plumbers.  It was so refreshing to be with people who have been with me on this overseas adventure since it started, who actually read my emails, and who get the singleness piece of it.  It was lIke coming home.

Singles that I've never met before can be just as great.  A few years ago, I went to my friend's wedding.  I was an out of towner, but not in the wedding, so it was a little weird at the rehearsal dinner-I didn't want to sit at the head table, since I wasn't part of the bridal party or family, but those were the only people I knew.  I ended up sitting with the musician and the hair girl, and we had a great time.  And some awesome chocolate dessert.  But that's not the best part.

When I got to the reception, there was a table of singles strategically positioned at the entrance, and they snagged me right away to sit with them.  I watched them grab other singles too.  It was awesome-no awkwardness, no hesitating, no is this spot taken, just a seat and an instant welcome.

And when my friend tossed her bouquet, not one of us moved a muscle. We just all sat, together.  Beats the heck out of hiding in the bathroom.

That day, even though it was a wedding, it was good to be single. 









Single in mmm-BELLY-may Land

This is my little friend Bridget after she ate a mango a while back.  I also look like this after I eat an early mango.  They're stringy and juicy and impossible to eat politely.  I call them mango floss. 

Being able to eat mangoes with no shame is one of the benefits of being single here.  Another one is that I don't have to have my fan oscillate.  It points right at me all the time.  No sharing.  Bliss.

Now, mangoes and fans may not seem like a big deal, but when it's 105 degrees and humid, they are pretty picking important.

I've been thinking about blogging about this for a while, Dennis' post about embracing your season finally got me to do it. 

But, I needed to find something just a smidge deeper than food and cool moving air to talk about.  And thinking about that was a good thing for me to do, especially lately.

Being single in mmm-BELLY-may Land forces me to really depend on mmmBELLYmay speakers to get my job done.  And since my job is helping them tell God's story in their language, that's not a bad thing at all.

Anyone want a mango?