I have the privilege of working with some fantastic people here in mmmBELLYmay Land.  Two of the most fantastic are Matt and Sarah Murdock

Sarah posted this a few weeks ago. 


Yesterday in Sunday School, I was teaching on the story of Solomon
becoming king. I related how, early in his reign, God appeared to him
in a dream and asked Solomon what he wanted God to give to him. I asked
the children how they would answer that question – what would they want
from God if they could ask whatever they wanted? The first 2 children
said — food. Wow. I asked what they would ask for if they were a king
or queen. One of those same children said rice (considered a very
special food here). Wow again. Clearly, we are dealing with needs on a
very basic level. That is one of the reasons we feel our training
center here is so important – if we can teach people how to be better
farmers, producing more on less land, and how to be better stewards of
God’s creation, perhaps the children can dream beyond the basic
necessities of life.


HelpingIn the words of the Bard:
(Shel Silverstein, of course!)

Agatha Fry, she made a pie
And Christopher John helped bake it
Christopher John, he mowed the lawn
And Agatha Fry helped rake it

Now, Zachary Zugg took out the rug
And Jennifer Joy helped shake it
Then Jennifer Joy, she made a toy
And Zachary Zugg helped break it

And some kind of help is the kind of help
That helping’s all about
And some kind of help is the kind of help
We all can do without

When I think about helping people in mmm-BELLY-may land, this poem (later sung by Tom Smothers) runs through my head.   That’s partly because of things I’ve seen, and partly from hearing and reading about great ideas.  Like a well meaning country donating snow plows to West Africa. (Here is one reference to the snow plows.)

I’m going to be blogging about my extremely small scale efforts to help some of my friends.  You can have this song stuck in your head too if you listen to a piece of it here.