Am I Your Language Coach?

I coach people that are committed to growing into a new languacultural world through comprehension led language learning

Those are people that believe that language parents exist in the language they want to learn. They are willing to do what it takes to find them.  The focus is primarily on understanding and speaking, and then later on reading and writing if it is a written language. We meet once a week on Skype, where I encourage learners, help them set goals, troubleshoot problems, and give just in time training on techniques that are appropriate to their level,  This training often includes videos and documents.  As I said, my emphasis is on spoken language and I use communicative approaches.

I am not a good fit for people who prefer using a grammar translation approach or want to spend their time with apps instead of people. So, I’m not for everyone, but that’s ok!

This is an email I recently sent to someone interested in hiring me to be their language coach:

The people I coach work with a mother tongue speaker of the language they want to learn.

They find a language parent– a mother tongue speaker that plays games with them in the language.

I generally only agree to coach people who can spend a minimum of 10 hours a week with their language parent, and they nearly always pay these language parents.

We meet once a week on Skype or some other video app to teach you the games that you would be playing the next week, to encourage you, and to answer your questions.

These are videos of the beginning games you would play.

I coach people with a comprehension led approach. So, the first times they meet with their language parent they play listening games. After about 30 hours of listening games, then they play some talking games and some listening games. Because this is comprehension led, reading and writing come later. Our beginning focus is on understanding and talking.

Does it sound like I am a good fit for you and your goals? Contact me to set up one free coaching call for you to learn more.