A little flower

Little_pink_flowerI’m rereading the autobiography of Therese of Lisieux.  Here’s a link to an English translation.  There’s some gorgeous stuff in there.  This is the bit that’s resonating with me lately:

Jesus … set the book of nature before me and I saw
that all the flowers He has created are lovely. The splendor of the rose and the whiteness of the lily do not rob the
little violet of its scent nor the daisy of its simple charm. I realized that if every tiny flower wanted
to be a rose, spring would lose its loveliness and there would be no wild
flowers to make the meadows gay. It is
just the same in the world of souls-which is the garden of Jesus. He has created the great saints who are just
like the lilies and the roses, but He had also created much lesser saints and
they must be content to be the daisies or the violets which rejoice His eyes
whenever He glances down. Perfection
consists in doing His will, in being that which He wants us to be.