Parting is such sweet sorrow. Phooey.

Leaving Tonight I leave my family and friends to go back to mmmBELLYmay land. 

I am heartbroken.

Yeah, I know Jesus said "All who have given up home or brothers and sisters or father and mother
or children or land for me will be given a hundred times as much."

Not really consoling me right now.  I know it should, but it isn't.

It reminds me of my reaction to the end of this story where the guy who lost all his kids had more to replace them.  I was like, "Fine, replace the cattle, replace the sheep, replace all the stuff, but you just can't replace the kids.  It's not the same."

Leaving is hard.

4 thoughts on “Parting is such sweet sorrow. Phooey.

  • I’m a 30 something single girl living in Japan trying to tell God’s story in a language that I will probably never EVER feel fluent in! Every time I leave my family I feel like a part of my heart is being ripped out. I feel your pain and am praying for you.

  • Hi, I hope you get some well deserved rest. Hope the surprise in the magazine gets you refreshment once you reach France or some other comfort. God always has a plan. It’s just hard to trust him. N & B

  • I’ll be praying for you. You must be experiencing so much emotion right now. By the way, Happy Birthday from someone who just experienced the same number birthday (and was sick on her birthday).

  • I hate leavings, too. It seems I’m always saying goodbye. Always missing people I want to be with. A deep ache.
    One day. One day heaven.

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