Novel utterances

fx My friend Yenabo and I look at a lot of picture books together.  She talks about them in mmmBELLYmay while I look at the pictures.  Having the pictures makes what she’s saying understandable, even if it’s stuff I’ve never heard before.  That, in geek-speak, is a novel utterance.

I was tickled by the novel utterance that came out of this book:  “The fox is wearing clothes.” 

It must be wearing clothes, because foxes are red, not yellow.  We had a good laugh, which is always nice when you’re stretching your brain as far as it will go.

Next week I’m going to go to a village that I haven’t been to before, and start spending one night a week there.  I just might bring a picture book with me and see what other novel utterances we come up with.  Never a dull day in mmmBELLYmay land!

PS  This is an old post that seems to never have posted.  Can anyone tell me how to make Windows Live Writer work right?  But, I did indeed bring this book to the village, and many novel utterances were uttered.  Now I’m in the States, but this post isn’t too outdated, since I brought my recordings of the chats Yenabo and I had about this book home to practice with.

Besides, my nieces are always coming up with lovely novel utterances, as exceptional nieces do.

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