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Dear Mrs. D's 2nd and 3rd grade class,

Thanks very much for writing me letters and praying for me!  I'll be answering your questions in this blog in the next few weeks, because I figure that some of the people that read it want to know the same kinds of things.

For now, here's a little math homework for you! 

I was in a city a few weeks ago where I could buy lots of nice fruit and vegetables.  That's exciting for me because all I can usually find where I live is okra.  Fried okra is great, but it really shouldn't be a major part of my diet!  Here's a post about what I have to do to my produce before I can eat it.

This is what I bought, with my total price next to each item.  Your challenge is to figure out how much I paid for one of each item.  Not for the bags of spinach or green beans, though : ).

avocados: 450 francs
onions: 800 francs
green beans: 200 francs
melons: 200 francs
carrots: 500 francs
apples: 2000 francs
spinach: 200 francs
potatoes: 450 francs
grapefruit: 200 francs
cucumbers: 200 francs
eggs: 800 francs
egg carton: 100 francs

For extra credit work (and those who are curious), one dollar is roughly equal to 500 West African francs.  This is what the money looks look like (thanks for the picture, Dinah!).

Thanks again for your letters!

Miss Nora

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