You know you’re back in Africa when…

…you have to use 4WD just to get out of your parking space.  You know you're me when you have to pull out the owner's manual because you forgot how to get into 4WD.  Have I blogged yet about how happy I am to be able to switch into it without getting out of the truck and standing in the mud to lock the hubs in the rain?  Well, even if I already did, share my joy again over modern mechanical marvels!

I'm hoping that I'll be able to drive back to mmmBELLYmay land tomorrow, but there's some paperwork that I need to be able to cross the border, so I might be stuck in Ouagadougou for another few days.  Hmmm, hot showers, electricity all day, and air conditioning for only $1.25 an hour…it's going to be hard to tear myself away.

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