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Fsh Want to try your hand at a little language learning and analysis?  The data below is from my language learning notes. See if you can figure out how to make the plural of the mmm-BELLY-may word for "fish".  Post it in the comments to see if you're right, don't worry about the exact characters, I'll know if you got it or not.








kÿÞ buÎoÎkÿ

siî buÎoÎsi


kÿÞ nýÎnÎtikÿ

siî nýÎnÎtiîsi


kÿÞ paÎakÿ



Notes:  The backwards “c”ý-  is pronounced like the vowel in “ cot.”  The backwards “3” -ÿ- is pronounced like the vowel in “bed.”  The lines above the vowels mark tone.  Ask me about tone after I’ve had a few more months to study it back in Benin!



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6 thoughts on “Be a geek like me!

  1. you’ve got the ending right, Lor, and you win the prize for being the bravest. C’mon, I know some other geeks read this blog!

  2. hmmm, I wonder if the fonts are turning up funny on your computers, because there’s no ‘l’ in fish in mmmBELLYmay. I’m thinking you got it right, Kelly. Do you doubt my ability to say fish? : )

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