Where am I?

FlyngWow, is it nice to blog from the land of high speed internet!  Yes indeed, I am back in the States for a few months.  My sister has her hands full having babies and stuff, so I’m here to keep an eye on our parents until she gets all that giving birth stuff done.  You know, so they don’t throw wild parties and stay out until all hours and stuff.

I usually say "our aging parents," but not any more.  Dad is 85, Mom is 81-they’re not aging, they’ve aged! 

So, I’m home, but I have a backlog of things that I want to blog about from my life in Africa, even though I’m living it long distance for a little while.  Thanks to modern technology, I’m also still going to be working on mmm-BELLY-may stories and language learning while I’m here.  So, I won’t write too many odes to the wondrous things available at Target or the glory of not being sweaty, but will try to catch up on all the posts I’ve written in my head in the past few months.  Who knows, maybe I’ll be caught up before I go back!

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