Baggie beverage

BeverageThis wondrous drink is called bisap.  It’s like a really sweet tea made from boiling some kind of flower in water-more like Kool-Aid, really.  It’s safe for my sensitive tummy since it’s boiled and packaged in a nice clean baggie.  There are ladies that sell it nice and cold right near my market  stall. 

People usually drink it by biting a little hole in the corner and squeezing it into their mouths.  This, however, is not a good method if you are trying to drink it while selling books, because you’re committed to finishing it all in one go.  If you should take it out of your mouth to explain the literature you’re selling, you might try to hold the hole shut with your fingers.  This is less than effective, though, so bisap runs down your arm (it’s nice and sticky with sugar) and onto your dress, since you’re frantically holding it away from the books.  Now I untie the bag and pour it into a bottle.

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