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BacksonI bragged on you guys and how well you identify mystery photos like this fruit, so friends of mine blogged this picture of the newest addition to their menagerie to see if anyone could identify her-nope!  Here’s their post, can you name the ALC (antelope-like creature)?

Spotted and Herbaceous Backson
Can anyone identify our new little antelope?  She has pretty
distinctive markings with white stripes, almost in square patterns, and
white spots on her back.  She has large ears which are colored inside.
We wonder whether she’ll keep the markings as she gets older, and we
wonder how big she will get.  She seems very young (she still has some
dried umbilical cord attached) yet she is already over a foot tall.
Your help is appreciated!  If you send your reply as a comment, others
will be able to read it too.

P.S. Those of you who don’t understand the title might want to brush up on your Winnie the Pooh!

8 thoughts on “Identify this mystery critter

  • Guess number one:
    Guess number two:
    dik dik
    Guess number three:
    Am I remotely close?

  • I guess the French name is “guib.” My internet connection is stunningly slow today, so I’ll leave it to you intrepid googlers to see if Rachel got it right or not.

  • Oh so close…Bushbuck. I found it by Googling guib french and went to some site on the first page. French is guib the English translation is Bushbuck.
    Two for two! What’s next Nora?
    By the way, Dennis…nice.
    As a linguist you will get a kick out of this…Google “Ken Lee” watch the first video that pops up. It’s from Bulgarian Idol.

  • My first thought was also dik dik. But now I’m thinking already over a foot tall is pretty big for the newborn of an animal that will not be very big when full grown. Also, I can’t tell for sure by the photo, but dik diks have a black spot under each eye and it seems this one does not. Well, that’s not a guess for, only a guess against…
    Love your blog.

  • Hi Eclexia-welcome!
    You’re right, it’s not a dik dik. Rachel was close, it’s a bushbuck, also called a harnessed antelope, because of its markings. The name is a translation of Afrikaans bosbok : bos, bush + bok, buck. (Hurray for Google…)

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