Petit pastries

Really_petit_foursAren’t these cute??  When I lived in France, I always admired these miniature pastries.  Little things have always attracted me, dollhouses and stuff.  My sister likes it all too, so I figured that we’d get some of these when she came to visit and enjoy oohing and aahing over their cuteness together. 

Somehow, we didn’t manage to get any, but here I am in France with a friend, and I convinced her to at least pretend that she thought they were adorable.  Not quite the same as sharing the experience with my sister, though.  Especially since this friend doesn’t like puff pastry filled with cream.  Huh?  How could you not like puff pastry filled with cream? 

Julie, when my lovely niece is old enough and has developed her own fascination with tiny things, the three of us are going to have to go to France and admire tiny eclairs!

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