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Good_sportsThis is a picture of three very good sports, acting silly and not talking right away to learn language.  Strange how those branches grew right over their faces…

Anyway, if you’re interested in why the stuff I teach (and use myself) encourages listening lots before speaking, have a look at this post from someone who has more experience than I do.  Here’s James Asher’s website describing the method (and selling stuff for using it).  If you want to give this kind of thing a try on your own, I can’t recommend Rosetta Stone software highly enough.  Good thing, because the price is kind of high.

I was talking with a Peace Corps volunteer that did a few lessons with me almost a year ago-we were both saying how we still remembered how to say "die," and then we both acted it out like we did so long ago.  Good for learning and good for a laugh, it doesn’t get any better than that!

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  • I love your passion for what you do. One thing I have enjoyed about you ever since I’ve known you is that you are thrilled by language, and you make no bones about it – it’s what makes you happy! I like reading about your life in Benin, but I really love reading about how perfect a fit your job is for you.

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