Reduce, reuse, recycle


I’m in Ouagadougou (WAGGA doo goo) for this training course.  I managed to get away for some shopping last weekend though.  These are some of my treasures-all made from old grocery bags.   Pretty cool, huh?  Well, the hat is actually pretty hot, but I didn’t get this stuff for me to use.  It’s to show my friend who has learned to crochet this way.  She’s already made two purses-these will be great ideas for her.  Kitten_2


How cute are these finger puppets?  And who doesn’t need a plastic bag cat?  Ok, that one is probably less marketable, but I needed it desperately.

And now, a contest.  When I saw this, I asked if it was a bracelet.  The woman selling me the stuff looked at me strangely, said that it could be if I wanted it to be, but that it was actually for…guess!


The winner gets this lovely plastic bag key chain that I put in the picture to give an idea of perspective.  No one currently living in Africa need apply-no cheating!! 

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