Dear departed

FridgeThis is a photo of my fridge in happier days, when it still worked.

Yes indeed, my fridge is sick, maybe unto death.  It’s kind of a tragedy, since it is a German import which can’t be replaced (it works off bottled gas) and might not be able to be fixed.  Sigh.  I was really, really mad when this broke.

Then, that night, I was rereading a biography about a radical guy from the 60s and 70s, Keith Green.  I was reading a part that talked about his stance on materialism.  That struck a chord.  The fridge is just stuff.

But, I still want cold water (and Coke).  There’s electricity from 6 pm to 1 am where I live.  Someone else here told me that he had a little chest freezer that he used as a fridge-having it cool for 7 hours in the evening was enough to keep things refrigerator cold. 

I’m in the city right now, playing the paperwork game, so I went to a store I just heard about.  It’s run by an organization in France that teaches young people that have rough lives the trade of working on appliances.  They get the appliances (donated, maybe?), refurbish them, and then ship them over here to sell them.  They also teach people here how to work on them, creating jobs.  All in all a pretty cool operation, no pun intended.  So, now I am the excited owner of a little chest freezer, for less than $200 and with a three month guarantee.  Not bad!

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