Alarm clock

Alarm_clock_2Every night I sleep with ear plugs.  They dull all of the interesting noises around my house-tiny frogs squeaking, dumb roosters that don’t know it’s not dawn crowing, fruit bats squealing, really loud cicadas, my neighbor’s radio, dogs barking, especially my own…

So, I like my ear plugs!  But, they also dull the sound of my travel alarm clock, which is problematic.  Last summer I was staying with a friend and I asked her to wake me up in the morning if I slept through my alarm.  She told me that I needed whatever it is that Deaf people use to wake up in the morning.  (She’s a sign language interpreter.)  So, we looked around online, and I found the Reizen Vibrating Pillow Alarm.  It works really well, no more oversleeping! 

I just ordered a second one in case the first one gives out.  It went crashing to the ground a few too many times before I realized that it was much better to put it inside the pillowcase than just under the pillow.  Also, it doesn’t wake me up if it lays on the floor vibrating. 

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