Checking the oil

Under_the_hoodSo, my friend Lois gave me a little orientation to the inside of my new truck.  Her hands are the tan ones that are capably pointing things out, mine is the confused pale one.

Lois pulled out the dipstick and told me that my oil was a little on the low side, but still ok.  So far so good.  I saw what she was pointing to.

Since then, I’ve driven the car about 10 miles, not much.  This morning I went to check the oil and probably add some before I head on my 300 some odd mile trek up north.  I pull out the dipstick, clean it off, stick it back in.  Then I pull it out again-and there’s oil going way up the dipstick, like 4 inches past full, but only on half the length of the thing.  Ok, try again.  Now It’s showing completely full over the whole dipstick, with half of it oily about 3 inches up.  Now I feel like a dipstick.

The same kind of thing happens when I check my tires with one of those gauges that makes the white thing shoot out like the thermometer in the Thanksgiving turkey.  I use the gauge once, it says they’re low.  I do it again, it says they’re overfull.  I end up taking it to Jiffy Lube where they check my tires and my oil.  I would have a long way to go to find a Jiffy Lube here.  The tire thing is solved easily enough-I bought a digital gauge.  The oil thing however, is another story.  And I get my hands all dirty on top of everything!  Anyone got the number of a Jiffy Lube that does really long distance house calls?

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