Hydrometer_2_2Yesterday I got my very own hydrometer!  The day before yesterday I learned what a hydrometer does!  Many thanks to Tim and Lois teaching me about that and things under the hood of my truck

My solar panels charge truck batteries.  My truck batteries run my computer, a little fan, and some lights.  So far so good, I can handle this technology.

My truck batteries have acid in them.  Until two days ago, I thought that when the acid level was low I should always add distilled water.  (Insert here a 15 minute long explanation of acid getting diluted that I basically understand but wouldn’t want to repeat.)  The gist of it is that sometimes I should add acid and sometimes I should add distilled water.  To know the difference, I needed a hydrometer.

So, I ran to True Value Hardware and picked one up.  Don’t I wish!  I did go to the one place that I could think of, but they didn’t have one.  Actually, Lois went with me to the store, since at that point I still didn’t know what one looked like.  But, no luck, no hydrometer.

This is where it pays to have friends.  Alexandre took me to his electrician who explained the thing to me again, in French this time.  Then the electrician went and bought one for me.  How could I have ever found one of these in this huge city?  They’re made of glass, not so good for having someone send me one in a padded envelope…

Alexandre also took me to a place where I could find fabric for dresses.  Just have to get that girly shopping in, you know?

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