I got this message just now trying to pay my credit card online.







A review of this account has shown recent high-
risk activity. Please contact our Customer
Service Unit at 1-800-950-5114.



           Important Security Message: Account Online Access

Your access to Account Online has been temporarily restricted because your account may be at risk for unauthorized use.

protect your account, we have issued you a new Citi card. When it
arrives, call the toll-free phone number on the attached sticker
immediately. We will activate your new card account number and close
your old number at the same time. Inform all authorized users and
service providers who automatically bill your account of the new
number. Then sign on to Account Online and register your new account
number for full access.

Until then,
making payments online, changing account information such as address,
and using the Secure Message feature within Account Online will be
disabled. For assistance with these activities, call Customer Service
at 1-800-950-5114.

We regret any
inconvenience this may cause. Be assured that Citi Cards is committed
to safeguarding the security of our customers’ accounts.

The situation that resulted in risk to your account is under
investigation by law enforcement agencies and we are unable to disclose
specific information on this case.

Can I just say how hard it is to deal with this stuff from here?
Especially since my father is really vigilant and shreds any card he
gets in the mail for me.  That’s usually a good thing, but if I’ve been
out of email contact and don’t know they’re sending me one…And, you can’t dial 800 numbers from here…

3 thoughts on “Aaargh!

  • Are you getting help from your missions board? Is there something they or we can be doing to assist? I went through ID theft six years ago. In case that’s the route this goes, please know that even though it’s scary, there’s a light at the other end. There is a lot of help available to get things fixed.

  • Thanks Eva! I don’t think this is ID theft-somebody got into some vendor’s computer and got access to a bunch of credit card info, I think. And yes, people are popping up to help, hurray!

  • If its not too late, my brother who lives in Israel, got the same thing, as did I. There is a non-toll free number that you can call that is on the sticker on the card. It’s intended for international use.

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