I was assured that this guy was not poisonous.  Anybody a snake lover out there that wants to try their hand at identifying this one?

My language helper and I were working in my living room, when I noticed my dog sniffing at a pile of bricks. I thought he was sniffing at a rope, until I realized that I didn’t have any rope out there.  I ran and got my machete (?!?), my language helper ran and got a guy she knew.  He killed it with a really long stick.  That’s better than a machete, huh?

4 thoughts on “Snake!

  • from what I learned in seminary, I would say it is a bad snake! My professional opinion! Wonder what it tastes like in goat stew…hmmmm

  • “I ran and got my machete”
    This sentence is golden. Absolutely priceless. I can’t get over how offhand it is – like no big deal. Nora the ninja warrior queen!
    I already admired you, but you have just gotten a whole bunch of new Coolness Points in my book!!

  • Kind of makes you want to learn more about them now, huh? In the grand scheme of things the snakes are there because it is their habitat. Makes me wonder what pests you might have around that it was feeding on. Sometimes having a snake around is better than having a large population of pests it preys upon. Just food for thought. Keep that machete handy just in case you meet a bad snake!

  • From what I could tell (without a close up look at the snake). It resembles a common African House snake (Lamprophis fuliginousus). They are much like the Garter snakes here in the U.S. They are indeed non-poisonous (that is if it really is a House snake). In fact it is said these snakes can make good pets!

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