Lunch time!

This is lunch for two-the white stuff is kind of like instant grits, and the stew is goat with tomatoes and onions.  Usually there are some local greens that are a lot like spinach.  Good eating!  Really!  And, almost as convenient as driving through McDonald’s, because I get it at a little restaurant across the street.  It costs me about 50 cents a meal. 

When I first got here, I brought everything home, dumped it in a pot, and boiled it for a half hour.  I’ve gotten over that-it’s a clean place, they keep everything covered and the stew is boiling all day long. 

Going there is great language practice, too.  I greet everybody and order in mmm-BELLY-may.   My latest feat is understanding the price!  More later about the fun way they do numbers when it comes to money.

4 thoughts on “Lunch time!

  • What is goat like – similar to any meats that we eat? (I guess that classic line would be “tastes like chicken”!)

  • Nora…the blog is great! I am enjoying this so much. Your use of pictures…fantastic! I want some of that goat meat!
    Mail me about book links…which do you want to post?

  • I take it goats are the most common herd animal there. This would hold true with any country that has a dry, arid climate…goats just do better than other types of animals.

  • Goat is good eating! The thing it’s closest to is pot roast, kind of. It’s really good when you can still taste the smoky taste of the wood it was cooked on.

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