How’s the weather?


There are four seasons here: dry, Harmattan, wretched, and rainy. 
September-November is dry season.  No rain, temps always in the upper 90s.  But, it’s a dry heat.  Really!
December-January is Harmattan, a dry wind from the Sahara.  That’s the coolest time of year.  Instead of snow, there’s dust everywhere.  When I got back here, I was really bothered by all the dust, so I put everything I could in any plastic I could find.  Love those huge ziplocs!
February-April I call wretched season.  It’s really humid and over 100 almost every day.  No one does much during this season, so it was a good time for me to learn language-people had time to talk.
May-September is the rainy season.  Normally it rains almost every day, and sometimes gets down into the 70s.  This year, though, the rains have been strange, which could be a big problem for the farmers that I live among.  I hope not.

2 thoughts on “How’s the weather?

  • Well, the rains started too early with 2 huge downpours, and then nothing. No one knew whether the rains had really started and they should plant, or if they should wait. Some planted, some didn’t. We’ll have to wait for the harvest to find out who chose well. Then finally a rain came at the right time for planting. But, after that, there’s been very little rain, not at all daily like it should be. It must be so frustrating to be a farmer-or faith stretching.

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