Hurray for Gordon!

Grdn  A few months ago WIndows ate my inbox, and I thought that it was a symptom of a dying hard drive.  Yesterday my new hero, Gordon, took a look at my poor old laptop.  Today I got the call-the hard drive didn't need to be replaced!  I just had a bad case of junky registry!  Which he fixed!

I know, a lot of exclamation points, but come on, that's exciting news.

Gordon taught me how to stop this from happening again and gave me some good tips.  The best one was that airport x-rays fragment hard drives, so after flying I should defrag and check the disk. Good to know.

I wrote the instructions down below, if you have a possibly junky registry.

Of course, none of this would be necessary with a Mac.

Registry dejunkifiation

Step 1 Right click on your hard drive

Step 2 Under properties, click on the tools tab

Step 3 Click the check now button, and put a check mark in both boxes, then click start.

Step 4 When it asks you if you want to schedule the check for later, then click yes, and restart your computer.  The first time you do this the check could take several hours, but it should be done every 3-6 months after that, and will go faster.   Now, when I got the light blue screen of death, Windows told me it was checking the disk, and it did, but it only did a 3 step check, not the 5 step check that Gordon did.  The registry gets dejunked in step 4, and that's what my computer needed. 

Did I get all that right, Gordon?

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