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Plastic plans and projects

bags You’ve met  Philomena before.  I showed her how to use plastic bags to crochet.  What a great plan, huh?  Clean up the village a little bit, reduce litter, create income … perfect!  My only part, after teaching her how to attach the bags was saving colored plastic bags for her every time I went shopping.  I thought that would add variety to the black ones you see blowing in the wind, and it’s still reusing, right?  It does make the project a little dependent on me bringing back plastic bags, though.

Last time I came back with a load of plastic bags, I found out that Philomena was supplementing the colored ones with black ones…that she bought new at the market.

Granted, they’re cheap, she’s still making money, and we’re still recycling the colored ones.  But, this was not what I was going for!  It doesn’t really matter what I was going for, though, does it?  I am a guest in mmmBELLYmay land.  If my very gracious and patient hosts take my ideas and change them to make them their own, more’s the better.

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