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Herding cats

What does a person want to do after a long day selling book in the market?   Why, go home and chase kittens for three hours with the friendly neighborhood vet, of course.  I’ve slowly been sending my kittens to their new homes.  Girl Grey (formerly Earl Grey, but needed a name change) was the first to go, followed by Milky Way and Commander Data (he has yellow eyes.)  Milky Way’s twin, Twix, was pretty wild, so she didn’t want to be caught.  It took three towels, two adults, one hour and a tablecloth to lift up the sofa, catch her, wrap her, worm her, and put her in a basket so that she could go to her new home.  Actually, she’s gone to a halfway house to be tamed before she goes to her new home.  Seriously.  Kittens.  So cute, so cuddly…we’re taking a break for now.  Not, however, to go out for a drink with the suddenly overly friendly neighborhood vet, though.  Never a boring day here…

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