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DancerChurch is complicated here, at least if you’re me.  There’s clapping, singing, and swaying, all with these cool multiple rhythms that are completely beyond me.  Usually I can manage two out of three, either singing and swaying or clapping and swaying.  All three together will take more practice.

One Sunday I was doing pretty well.  I could see a woman that was clapping nice and loudly, so I could follow her clap and her sway.  I even sang a few words.  Feeling pretty good about myself, I went up when it was my turn in the offering.  That entails a kind of shuffling dance/walk and singing at the same time.  I had it down!  So, up the aisle I went.  Until it was time to put my offering in the basket.  I caused a 7 woman fender bender as people bumped into me. 

Was I just paranoid the next week when I noticed a BIG space between me and the woman behind me when it was time for the offering?  I’ll get it right one of these days…

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