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Counting Sheep

The other day I went to town using public transportation  Every ten days or so I go there to check email, hang out with friends, and get recharged before plunging back into village life.  With all those trips, it’s a wonder that I just now experienced my first flat tire.

So, I’m sitting next to the road, on the other side of the mountain from where I live (hint:this is a relevant detail), waiting with the other passengers.  The guy driving has rolled the spare tire to the nearest village to fill it with air.   It’s not too bad.  I’m in the shade, there are some cute lambs walking around behind me, nothing is crawling on me.  Then, after an hour of waiting, it occurs to me:

I have a cell phone. 

In my defense, the phone doesn’t work where I live because the mountain blocks the cell phone signal.  So, I’m not in the habit of using it when I’m not down in the big city (buying poisoned peanut butter).  But wait, it gets better.  Since the phone doesn’t work up here, I don’t have anyone’s phone numbers in it.  Another ten minutes pass before I realize that in addition to my phone I have my laptop.  With my phone list on it. 

The picture below is me, entering everyone’s phone numbers while I wait for a friend to pick me up.  Somehow this branch got in the way of my face.  My poodle perm was looking particularly splendid at this point, too bad you don’t get to see it.


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