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Thank you for reading my very first post on my very first blog!  I will be sharing deep and meaningful things, such as what follows.

I think the first clue to the disaster that was to come was when the customer before me took the round brush out of the stylist’s hand and dried her hair herself.  Really, she did.  Next time I will pay attention to the clues.  But no, I HAD to have a body wave.  A friend is coming tomorrow to visit, she’ll be taking pictures, so, I had to do something about my limp hair.

Well, it’s not limp anymore. 

I am now wearing the same hairstyle that I did in 1984.  It is also the same style as my new friend Di’s poodle, Afia.  Do you see the resemblance? I washed my hair twice as soon as I got home, didn’t help.  Jeff, help!!

Actually, everybody help!  Ask me some questions so I know what to ramble on about.

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